Thursday, March 31, 2011

Outside My Door

This is a view outside my door in Kenya.  For the last 8 years we lived on the edge of the Nairobi Game Park and saw wild animals on a daily basis; zebra, giraffe, ostrich, rhino, cheeta, lion, wilderbeast, heartbeast, impala, and a few others... everything except elephants are found in this game park and that's because the park is actually too small for elephants.
As we move in a little closer, you can begin to see the zebra dotted in the area above the catus plants that edged our yard. Since this picture was taken during the rainy season, and the grass was fresh, it was an attraction for many animals.

An even closer look. The zebra are close enough to us that we are able to hear them bray, and it sounds very much like a donkey. As a matter of fact, the Swahili word for zebra is "punda mlia" which means "crying donkey".
And one last close-up picture for good measure.

Now a few of our other near neighbours.

This was an exciting place to live, on the edge of the Nairobi Game Park, and the 8 years we spent there were filled with many different views of many different animals and many different weather affects. We saw the place 'dry as a bone', well, actually it could get so dry that we envied the days when it was 'dry as a bone'. :o)  Then, the rains would come and we would watch as the sheets of rain would cause our world to vanish before our eyes and we could not even see the rock wall that was part of our front yard.  This place was always the spot of a double rainbow and the rainbow's end... sorry, no 'pot of gold' was ever found there... but this is Kenya, and I'm sure it went missing years ago. :o)

If you look close, you can lightly see the second rainbow above the one that is visible.
And, this area was also a good spot to view Mt. Kilimanjaro, on a clear day.

Then, to the far right of this same spot, we had a wonderful view of the Ngong Hills, made famous in the book "Out of Africa" written by Karen Blixen (though I don't remember if this book actually was printed with that name, or another name she often wrote under).
Not a very good picture of the Ngong Hills, this is facing west into the setting sun and we enjoyed the view of the setting sun over Ngong Hills.
Ngong Hills would be father to the right of the tree.

But, God did not call us to Kenya just to view the wonderful and amazing sights of His marvelous creation, this was just a benefit of following His will for our lives.


Garry said...

I love the pictures and what you said about each of them! Praying for you and the issues that you are currently dealing with. In Christ. Ruth

Jane M. Coley said...

Thank you, Ruth, for your kind comments and we certainly appreciate your prayers on this issue the missionaries in Kenya are facing.