Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When the Lions Eat...

...you can hear the crunch of bones and smell the blood of the fresh kill. 

We were in the Nairobi Game Park with our son, Billy, shortly before he was to return to the states.  Billy had come to Kenya to be the interim pastor for the few months we were gone on furlough.  He is our only son and the oldest of four sisters, and let me tell you, his sisters will all say he’s the best brother in the world.  He’s a young man of outstanding character with a quiet disposition and he feels the call of God on his life to return to Kenya as a missionary in his own right.  Billy is single and looking... waiting for God’s choice.

It was early morning when we entered the game park and found the pride of nine lions finishing the last of what appeared to be a wildebeest.  They were content and looking very sleepy as the morning sun began to warm the day, they heaved their full bodies to a standing position and headed for the shade of a nearby tree. 

We were cautions, after all, these are wild animals in their natural habitat and there are no fences between you and them, but we felt the risk of getting closer was minimal judging from the fullness of their bellies.  I was on the video camera as my son crouched closer with his camera to get better shots of the satisfied pride.  With our car doors open and ready for a quick escape, we were thrilled to be so close to one of God’s most fearsome creations in their natural environment.


Jessi said...

I would've been scared to death to be outside of the car!

Jane M. Coley said...

I'll have to find the video I took so I have the real evidence of how close my son really was. In my head I'm seeing he's 10 feet away and getting closer... but in reality he was probably much further away then that. You know how fear seems to trick the memory with details like that. :o)