Friday, May 20, 2011

Bible Reading and Bible Study... there is a Difference

In April (2011) I finished my 8th time reading completely through the Bible (both the Old and New Testaments of the Authorized King James Version) and started my 9th time through in May. These were eight purposely recorded times, so I’m not just guessing that I’ve read the Bible enough to call it eight times through, I actually did.

I don’t say that to be bragging, to be honest, I’ve been saved more than 40 years and I should be able to say I’ve completely read through the entire Bible more than that. So, this post is not about bragging, it’s about encouraging one another.

If you’re like me, you study your Bible often because you have a Sunday School lesson to prepare for, or you have a devotion to give at a Ladies Fellowship, or somebody asked you a Bible question that you’re seeking an answer for, but I often used my Bible study time to count as my Bible reading time, after all, it’s pretty much the same thing... right? And that’s the mistake I think too many Christians make.

Bible study time is not the same as Bible reading time... yes, you have to read to study... but when you study, your mind is focused on one particular topic, unlike when you read and your mind is open to different topics and thoughts. We need to do both, read and study the Bible. There have been many times that the passages of scripture I was reading for the day, were just what I needed for the topic of study I was preparing for, and it could have been missed if I was studying without reading.

I hope you have been encouraged... but I really hope you have been challenged by this posted.

God bless.


Missy said...

That is a great thought, I had never thought of that before. I must say that I am guilty of doing exactly that!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Missy for your kind comment. I'm glad this post was a blessing to you. God bless. (Jane Coley)