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written by Jane M. Coley

If you read the first article by this same title, Women In Ministry, thank you for revisiting this subject with me. If you have not, you will find it located below this one.  Now, to continue with the question from the previous article, "What are the ministries that God has ordained for women?".

There are seven areas of service that a women is able to scripturally participate in, of these seven, there are some that God has specifically and distinctively designed only for a woman. It won’t be necessary to identify those specific areas, as that will become obvious from their descriptions.

Before we get into the specific areas of service, I wanted to briefly look at the object lesson that the Apostle Paul taught in I Corinthians 12:12-26. His teaching was not only about the different parts making up the whole, but that each part was needful. We cannot all be ‘the eye’ or ‘the foot’ for just as the physical body has different parts/members/roles/functions, so too must the body of Christ, the church, have different parts/members/roles/functions. It is these differences that bring balance to the whole.

The Apostle Paul goes on to teach that there is not a respecter of parts/members/roles/functions because there is an equality of need. Our roles, within the church, are, by necessity, different. It is this difference that brings balance to the whole; different roles with an equality of need.

Leadership is male and God has never changed His mind on this distinction - spiritual equality is not role equivalency, men and women do have different roles and each is equally needful.

Women of the Bible in Ministry ~ Seven Areas of Service:

1. A "help meet" to her husband. - For a physically, emotionally, and spiritually balanced relationship. - Genesis 2:18-20; Pro. 31:10-12; 12:4; 18:22; 19:14

2. A helper with her husband. - A wife is most successful in her Christian walk when she walks with her husband. You cannot honor God when you harbor dishonor towards your husband.
Priscilla with Aquila - Acts 18:2, 18, 24-26; Romans 6:3; I Corinthians 16:19; II Timothy 4:19 - Together they were most effective for the cause of Christ.
Sarah with Abraham - Hebrews 11:8-11; I Peter 3:5, 6 - It is interesting to note that Abraham took another wife, after Sarah died, and there were concubines, but no other relationship was as effective for God as Abraham and Sarah’s was together.

3. A godly mother to our children. - Proverbs 31:28 
Hannah with her son, Samuel. - I Samuel 1:1-20
Grandmother Lois with her daughter, Eunice, and Eunice with her son, Timothy - II Tim. 1:5
 Deborah who judged and "arose a mother in Israel" to comfort and guide. - Judges 4 and 5
4. A counselor, and teacher of younger women. - Titus 2:3-5
Elisabeth with her cousin, Mary, the mother of Jesus. - Luke 1:36-45, 56
As the example of Sara (Sarah) to the Jewish women. - I Peter 3:1-6
Deborah who "judged Israel... as they came up to her for judgment". Judges 4:4, 5
5. A helper to the sick, the poor, and the needy - ministering to the needs of others - as a soccourer. - Proverbs 31:20; Hebrews 10:24
This is one of the greatest areas of service which is sadly being neglected by women in our churches today - too many women want a more important status in the church than seeing to the physical needs of others.Ruth served her mother-in-law, Naomi, and an entire book of the Bible was dedicated to Ruth.
Esther served her people, and an entire book of the Bible was dedicated to Esther. All Ruth and Esther did was serve others.
Dorcas served other women. - Acts 9:26-29
Phebe succoured many, including Paul. - Romans 16:1, 2
The many women in Jesus’ time who served Him and His disciples with provision of food, a place of rest and comfort, providing a meeting place in their home, which became the early churches. Faithful, serving women anointed Jesus’ body for burial. - Martha and Mary, Salome, Mary Magdalene, Lydia. - Luke 10:38; John 11:2, Mark 15:40; 16:1, 9; Acts 16:14, 15, 40
6. A prayer warrior - one given to prayers and fastings.
Rebekah - Genesis 25:21-24;
Esther - Esther 4:15-17;
Hannah - I Samuel 1:13-28; 2:1-10;
Anna - Luke 2:36-38
7. A witness for Christ.
Anna gave testimony of Jesus "to all them that looked for redemption in Jerusalem." - Luke 2:38
The woman at the well, the woman of Samaria, told the city "come, see a man..." - John 4:4-30
Many followed Mary and Martha to the tomb of Lazarus. - John 11:45

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.  Your comments and questions are welcome.  God bless. ~ Jane

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