Thursday, February 27, 2014

Titus Two Project ~ Making a Bible "Logbook"

Titus Two Project ~ Making a Bible "Logbook"

This is what a real 'cut and paste' task looks like!
This is a booklet that I am working on for the Titus Two Project.

Finished booklets at the top center with just a few more to complete.
It’s a "logbook" for Bible Reading... well, that’s what I call it... actually, the booklet is entitled, Bible Journal and Prayer List... a half-size notebook where you can log your Bible reading progress.

I wanted to create something that was low in cost, each booklet is Ksh 100/- (a little over $1.00)... ...and could easily be reproduced and put together.

The purpose of this Bible "logbook" is to encourage others to read through the entire Bible. I have used this "logbook" design to help me read through my Bible 9 times, I’m working on my 10th time through now.

These different pages give you freedom to design any method of reading plan that works best for you. Do you like reading a Psalm a day... a Proverb a day... do you like reading some in the Old Testament and some in the New Testament... or do you like reading different Bible stories? Whatever method you prefer, the pages are provided to help you systematically read-thru the entire Bible. There is also a place to record your prayer requests and answers to your prayers.

1. There is a calendar page...

2. A Bible Reading Record page... that lists Genesis through Revelation with the chapters indicated.

3. A book of Psalms page... which lists the 150 chapters and the number of verses per chapter with a line to write the date you read each Psalm.

4. A "Where To Find It In The Bible" page... this lists the scriptural references for 82 different Bible stories. Sunday School teachers love this page for a quick reference.

5. A Proverbs page... listing the 31 Proverbs, with the number of verses for each, and a January through December check-list so that you can check-off one Proverb, per day, for a year. This will help keep you on track for reading through the book of Proverbs each month.

6. A Prayer Requests and Praise Report page... for you to keep a written record of your prayers, and answers to your prayers.

If you would like a copy of any of these pages, so that you can put together your own Bible Journal booklet, please send me an email with your request. Nothing is copyrighted.

By the way, Moms, this would be a GREAT PROJECT for your children... let them create their own Bible Logbooks. I wish I would have thought of this when my kids were young!!!

God Bless,

Jane Coley - missionary wife in Kenya


MrsJohn said...

Hello, Mrs Coley!
I was wondering if you have links to the pages you used or did you make them yourself? If you made them yourself, could I get them? This looks very helpful for our church here in Ghana.
Patty Sommer

Jane Coley said...

Hello Patty Sommer,
Thank you for your comment. I'm sorry, I don't have links to the pages (I don't know how to link things like this) but I would be glad to send you copies of the pages. Yes, this is something I made and nothing is copyrighted. Please send me an email with your request to:
God bless,

Rach said...

I just saw your page I would love a file if you still have one. My email address is

Jane Coley said...

Thank Rach for visiting my blog and asking about the file. I will be very happy to send you a copy.

Sandra Moore said...
Hi Jane, I am just a few weeks away from finishing reading the Bible in a year, the first time ever. Parts, I must admit, were rather grueling. Perhaps a copy of your system might help me read through it in the year 2015.

Sandra Moore said...
May I please have a copy? At the end of December, I will have read through the Bible for the very first time, beginning January, 2014. Perhaps your system will present more interesting way for the year 2015.

Jane Coley said...

Hi Sandra! I will be glad to send you a PDF copy of the Bible logbook. I'll send it to your email address. Just cut and paste the pages into a notebook to design the type of logbook that best fits your plan. ~ God bless