Monday, June 8, 2015

Too Young to Die

Kimberly Renee Coley
Sept. 7, 1986 ~ Dec. 17, 2014
"I was too young to die, that’s what people say.
They can’t understand, why God took me away.
I guess that is something, they have yet to see.
But I have peace in knowing, it was His plan for me.
I was His creation. He gave me every breath.
And He knew all along, the timing of my death.
I know it took you by surprise. It caught us all off guard.
But I hope you will trust in God, though this will be hard.
Let Him bring you comfort. Rest in His embrace.
Call to Him when you’re hurting. Accept His endless grace.
Let Him bring you healing and all your needs supply.
Trust in His loving kindness, when your heart is asking "why?"
For as much as I loved you. He loves you even more.
His will is always best. His motives always pure.
I know right now you’re hurting, everything feels wrong.
But I am safe in Heaven, I’m right where I belong.
And though I hated to leave you, I know you’ll be o.k.
God will be with you, each moment of each day.
Someday we will meet again. God’s promises are true.
He has never let me down and He will not fail you."
(Both) Written by Nicole Madaus

The loss so sudden, the pain so deep,
A part of me is incomplete.
You were here, but now you’re gone,
And I still have to carry on.
How could this happen? How could it be?...
Why did God take you from me?
It hurts so much I can’t explain,
The depths of my grief and pain.
It’s not supposed to be this way,
To lose a child is not o.k.
I’m angry and hurt. I’m full of grief.
I can’t imagine finding relief.
I feel so lost and so alone.
Forced to suffer on my own.
I don’t know what to say or do?
How can I live without you?

I know it was sudden, the pain is deep,
And right now you’re feeling incomplete.
I was there and now I’m gone,
But God can help you carry on.
There aren’t easy answers for why God took me,
But trust in faith what your eyes cannot see.
I know it hurts and you can’t explain,
The depths of your grief and pain.
You lost a child and it’s not o.k.,
But God can get you through each day.
Give Him your anger, your hurt, your grief.
In Him you’ll find peaceful relief.
It won’t be easy, but you’re not alone.
You don’t have to suffer on your own.
Run to Him and stay close by His side,
In His comfort and love you can safely abide.
And though for now we must be apart,
I’ll remain in the memories you keep in your heart.